Wrong building, Banksy

As we’re all well aware, Banksy was in town last month doing his NYC residency. I’m glad it’s November, and my Twitter feed has returned to normal. No more Banksy this, Banksy that, the government, Banksy Banksy.

The long and short of it is that I wasn’t very interested in what he did here—which is a big surprise since he’s in my Fantasy Art Collection. Although I kept my eye on what he was doing, all the hype made me wonder how much I like Banksy. I like his work because it’s pretty cool-looking, and usually clever, but the mobs and drama surrounding his presence in this town annoyed me so much, I didn’t want to like him anymore. The verdict: I like him, just not that much.


OK, none of that is important. What’s EXTREMELY important is that I have reason to believe that Banksy read my blog, and mistakenly thinks that I still live in Williamsburg. It looks like he may have painted on my house in the middle of the night, as requested, but he got he wrong building.

Hear me out. Three years ago I commissioned a Banksy for my Fantasy Art Collection.

The deal: I send a check to the P.O. box of his choosing, he can do whatever he wants, has one year to do it (tardy). Although it will be tempting once he completes his end of the bargain and the bloggers and reporters start poking around, we have a clear understanding that this never happened.

Back then there were a lot of mix-ups in the details, and we weren’t able to set up the P.O. box. But I guess he thought it was a good idea anyway and charged ahead. He did it in Brooklyn as his 17th NY piece, and unfortunately it happened to a lady named Cara, not a lady named Laura. Read “I’m the Accidental Owner of a Banksy” to get the full scoop.

No hard feelings, Banksy, thanks for holding up your end of the bargain. As payment, I promise to never trade my Fantasy Art pic #3.


Also read “Jerry Saltz Ranks Banksy’s New York City (So-Called) Artistic Works” – it’s pretty funny.

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