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I conducted user interviews with individuals of different ages and economic levels, who were all creatively leaning, but with varying degrees of art interest and/or knowledge. The one things they all had in common is that they liked art, but couldn’t name art or an artist that they liked without a bit of anxiety, leading most to quickly conclude that they just didn’t know anything about art.

The interviews revealed some interesting insights, the most crucial being that they all said that they didn’t know where to begin in picking art that they liked, so they found the idea “cool” but overwhelming. All participants said that they were really interested in seeing what other people would pick.

American Attitude Toward Art Survey 2016

Millenials Prefer Instagram to Museums; Purchase & Discover Art Online: This survey helped my research.

“With Millennials spending more than 30 hours a month on social media sites, survey findings show social media channels, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are the preferred art discovery tool among Millennials.”

“There has never been a more critical time for our industry to prepare and execute digital strategies that engage, inspire and capture the next generation of art buyers.”

Discovering new art through social media channels: 


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