UX/UI: Next Steps

Museum API Integration

When I started this project at the beginning of the General Assembly UX course it was a very vague idea based on a section of my blog and I had no idea where it would go but the general idea interested me.

By the end of the 10-weeks I figured out a much narrower idea that I think would actually be an app that would be used. I think it would work as an app for kids to engage with museum collections. I’ve been reading a lot about how museums are trying to keep up with the digital age and slowly developing APIs of their collections. I think if kids used this at a museum, making their personal collection of the 10 pieces they liked most, it could make them excited and interested in art history.

I’m working on redesigning it as a museum tool.

API and Fantasy Art Collection

Using the Fantasy Art Collection app at the SFMOMA, for example, (because they recently build an API) you can get a new collection activated by checking in there or by GPS. Then as you go through the museum you can build your 10 piece collection, adding and deleting as you find more things you love more than others.

Museums can be tiring and overwhelming, so this would make going to a museum more like a game and help users focus … imagine what you would own if you could have anything!?

If a museums entire collection was available online, this would be easy and possible by accessing the API. The check-in to the location and collection you make can be shared out to social, connecting with the museum.

Why a museum would want to build an API?

To allow people to creatively engage with its collection in the digital space.

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