UX/UI Fantasy Art Collection

Fantasy Art Collection: The game of picking, trading and curating the art you love


I created Fantasy Art Collection during my intensive UX Design studies this year. Fantasy Art Collection is a game of picking, trading and curating the art that you love. It began as a blog, but it’s working its way into app form.

Inspired by the concept of Fantasy Baseball, I got to thinking about art I like and art that I love—they’re very different things—so what would I pick if I could have anything?

The purpose of Fantasy Art Collection is to provide a fun way for users to engage with art, generating curiosity to learn more about it, see more of it, and exchange ideas with others—because I believe that you don’t have to know about art to love it. Art is awesome and should be accessible to everyone.

I also want to make the museum experience more interactive, and Fantasy Art Collection is a tool to do just that.

I’m developing this app through user research, competitive analysis, user stories, user flows, information architecture, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.

Preliminary project statements

  1. Art is intimidating.
  2. People would be interested in the fun, cultural, interesting facts of art history—all the dry details aren’t important if they turn people off.
  3. The art world is inaccessible and has little to do with art in the way that most people are interested in it.
  4. People who are interested in collecting their art interests would like to share them with others, but don’t have a central platform.
  5. Most people are overwhelmed by museums and frequently experience museum-burn-out.
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