Fantasy Pick #17: Michelangelo

I’m playing “Fantasy Art Collection,” inspired by games like Fantasy Baseball. Go to the main page to get the idea.

Fantasy Art Collection pick #17: A gigantic Michelangelo

On Saturday I was telling my friend that I needed to make a quick March purchase for my Fantasy Art Collection so I didn’t fail my new years resolution to make one fake purchase of real art every month for a year.

Since Easter was happening in a few hours, we were thinking I should buy something religious to keep in the spirit of things. I thought about it, but I already bought Carravaggio and couldn’t think of any other religious art that I really wanted. David is amazing and so is The Pietà, but not so much that I want them looming over me in the tight space I call home. That seems weird. I’d rather go to Italy anyway.


So we decided I should buy the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. That works. I love it so much I’ve gone out of my way to see it twice. I could just slice off the top, bring it back to nyc, hang it from a crane so it didn’t take up too much space, and wait for the day that I have a big barn art studio in need of a roof. It would also give the new pope an opportunity to flex his Argentinian muscles and make his mark replacing it. AND my collection would rule in the meantime. win win.


Truth be told, I intended for this story to be the time-sensitive intro to a different art purchase. But as I got to looking at Michelangelo’s work tonight, it choked me up—I just love it. I grew up catholic and have known of it for as long as I can remember. But now I see his work differently, with much more meaning than it ever had for me before. It’s simple. It’s about connection—the reason why we’re here. I know I can’t have it, but hanging above my fantasy art collection it looks incredible.


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