Fantasy Pick #16: Giacometti

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Fantasy Art Collection pick #16: 3 Giacomettis


This is a picture of me sitting here deliberating over which Giacomettis I’m going to purchase. I’ve been sitting like this all day because I’m stuck. I love so many.

I actually drew this self portrait 15 years ago and the story behind it is tied to Giacometti. I transferred colleges right before my senior year, (which led to a lengthy undergrad career) but in my first drawing class the assignment was a self portrait. After many failed attempts sitting in front of a mirror with chalk and paint, my sister Carolyn came to sit and chat with me. I got distracted talking about stuff while still drawing, and did this once I wasn’t thinking about it at all. Damn you, creativity! Have you no rules to follow?

So I brought this drawing into the crit and my professor said, “well…you must love Giacometti.” I reluctantly said “who?” and went straight to the library to look him up afterwards. Turns out we have similar marks and I dream to be as awesome as he is some day.

What I love about Giacometti is how you can see the energy and uncertainty of the creative process in all of his marks—painting, drawing, sculpture. They vibrate. There’s something about them that seems unfinished, but they also seem to have nowhere else to go. They’re finished, but only because they’ve posed enough questions to warrant the next piece. Giacometti said “Every time I look at the glass it seems to remake itself,” and that’s the way I feel about so many things.

When I was younger I identified with his existential leanings. Now I’m happier and far less dramatic, but still find his work inspiring and so beautiful. I want to look at it forever, whenever, so I’m purchasing one sculpture and two paintings. It’s bittersweet—I’d rather purchase 2 sculptures, 4 paintings and 1 drawing, but my apartment is really small, so these are the 3 winners ….



BUT … if i had a big huge house and was a zillionaire, I’d also buy these and a 20 ft skinny man sculpture to put in the corner … come on, the fake me is rich, but not that rich.


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