President’s Day at Ellis Island

“Give me your tired. Your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Back in the print studio

I’ve spent the last two months back in the print studio silkscreening. In college I practically lived in the studio because I loved it so much. It’s cool to feel the exact same way after all this time.

Ghost on the F train

Around these parts, along the northern edge of Brooklyn, people call the G train the “ghost train” because it’s terrible. I’m now passing the ghost torch onto the F train. I sat across from this for 5 stops, completely fascinated.


Jury duty fail


When I showed up for my first tour of jury duty yesterday I was pretty excited. I know it’s weird, but I had 12 Angry Men on my mind all morning and sort of hoped I’d get picked. Everyone talks about it like it’s the worst thing ever, but I’ve never been to court and don’t plan to return, so once I got in there I wanted the chance to see it up close. I get nothing from the sketches.

I’m serious though, I think it would be really interesting even if the case was lame. But yesterday I sat in a courtroom all day listening to potential jurors answer questions about their current struggles and dark pasts (that part was actually pretty good), and today I read half a book, took a 2 hour lunch and was dismissed. I feel swindled. Oh well, back to work. It’s like the old school Olympics … 4 more years …



The Directors Series

Photo journal:  Some belated xmas presents just arrived, and my Directors Series is almost complete (just missing Chris Cunningham). Stay tuned for posts on each one of these guys.


Broad street still

Good news. I’ve been working on this Broad Street video for what seems like forever, and I finally have a deadline of December 17th. That’s my whole news because I love deadlines so much—especially their quick approach. I made great strides while I was confined to an airplane on Sunday, but today it’s all blogs and podcasts, podcasts and blogs … very distracting.


A very Sandy Tuesday

Photo journal: I passed this silly ad on Second Avenue as I walked 50 blocks north to charge my phone.


and tonight … power’s out at the 50 yard line of the Williamsburg Bridge. I live on the dark side, in the East Village, where there won’t be power for a week, so I’m enjoying internet, cocktails and light bulbs in Brooklyn.


Op Art

2 Op Art inspired Photo Journal entries



The Lyndhurst Diner

Photo journal: Whenever I head under the river to New Jersey to hang out with my amazing 86-year-old aunt, we go to the Lyndhurst Diner. It’s full of family memories because we’ve been going there for about 25 years. Rain or shine, morning or night, this guy always rings us up.