This Intel tablet is blowing my mind

This Empowering Innovators video series by Intel is very cool. As an artist, of course I’m a Mac person, but lately my drawings are getting more complicated, so I’m trying to figure out a way to speed things up. If you’re targeting artists, showing the creative process is really powerful advertising. I’m not sure that I’ll go right out and buy one, but i did google it immediately, and my ipad can’t do this. Not like this.

Even if you’re not an artist, these videos are worth a watch—very interesting and really well done.

ILLUSTRATION – The Artist from Intel on Vimeo.

PAINTING & SCULPTURE – Surf’s Up from Intel on Vimeo.

GRAPHIC NOVELS – The Artist who scared the King of Horror from Intel on Vimeo.

ANIMATION – The Renaissance Man from Intel on Vimeo.

MUSIC – Fresh Beats from Intel on Vimeo.

The Art Trade


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When in Rhome


Alrighty … I’ve never written a blog post at 32K feet, but I’m on an airplane with 15% til my computer’s dead, and I’m thrilled to have left Texas airspace. So here goes, real quick …

I have an odd job that sends me on trips to two sorts of places—either to towns like Rhome, Texarkana, and Wichita, or to brick corporate villages full of jcrews and water fountains. Whichever it is, I’m usually fascinated-ish for a day and then start to worry that I’m going to disappear if I don’t do something interesting asap.

I spent this week with a video crew learning things about myself like the fact that I would never survive an 8th grade math class, and that the repetition of the school day still makes me want to run for the hills.


I planned to wrap up early and high-tail it to the Chagall show at the Dallas Museum, but unfortunately time wasn’t on my side. Fortunately, though, I had a Barnes and Noble gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my pant suit (just kidding I don’t have one of those). So I headed out, determined to drain the whole thing to keep myself in check.

Unlike good old Manhattan, in the brick villages Barnes & Noble stands tall and proud like a big parked cruise ship—open late and full of books as if the internet doesn’t exist. At first it felt exotic, but my heart sunk once I started browsing. Slim pickings, B & N! Slim pickings!


But all was not lost because I headed upstairs to graphic novels and discovered Chris Ware’s Building Stories. It’s a box full of treasures, and I didn’t even open it yet because it seemed like a crime to strew the contents across my 90’s Hilton carpet. I also had to get up at 5 and Chris Ware’s a slippery slope. So I’ll bust it out when I get home, and write a follow-up post to show you what’s inside. Prepare to have your minds blown.

And now beginning the descent to LGA … I always feel the same when I look out the window … holy S@#! I live here?!

(I wonder if Chris Ware made this giant box the exact size of carry on luggage for situations like mine. If so, thanks! If not, thanks!)