New book illustration: The Hunt for Howard

This is a book that I worked on recently with my husband Luke. It was an all around collaboration, but for the most part, he writes the story and I draw it. The Hunt for Howard is the third in an ongoing series that we’ve created for our niece and nephew. Please enjoy.

Seltzer & helicopters

seltzer time

At my old job down in the financial district, I used to sit in so many meetings, staring out the window, drinking seltzer, watching the helicopters take off and land … imagining scenes like this.

Negronis! Improved!


RIP Prince

The Greatest Of All Time



Afternoon Negronis

Just sitting in my cube, wishing I was back in Italy having afternoon negronis.

This Intel tablet is blowing my mind

This Empowering Innovators video series by Intel is very cool. As an artist, of course I’m a Mac person, but lately my drawings are getting more complicated, so I’m trying to figure out a way to speed things up. If you’re targeting artists, showing the creative process is really powerful advertising. I’m not sure that I’ll go right out and buy one, but i did google it immediately, and my ipad can’t do this. Not like this.

Even if you’re not an artist, these videos are worth a watch—very interesting and really well done.

ILLUSTRATION – The Artist from Intel on Vimeo.

PAINTING & SCULPTURE – Surf’s Up from Intel on Vimeo.

GRAPHIC NOVELS – The Artist who scared the King of Horror from Intel on Vimeo.

ANIMATION – The Renaissance Man from Intel on Vimeo.

MUSIC – Fresh Beats from Intel on Vimeo.

Colon Blow! Storyboard!

Remember that old SNL commercial for Colon Blow? This was an experiment to see what my drawing style looks like in the storyboard format. I think it turned out pretty cool. More to come. ColonBlow_Storyboard_Manney