The Duluth Art Collectors

I’ve written before about my nieces and nephew in Duluth who are big collectors of my work. They’re fantastic, but their taste in art is questionable. For the past few years they’ve sent me drawings, and I send them back the same thing. Until now I’ve only done commissions …


I went to see them in Minnesota last week, and hoped to push them out of their collecting comfort zone. I didn’t ask what they wanted paintings of; I just asked what their favorite foods were. I assumed that at 8, 6 and 4 years old, they must be so bored with monkeys, superheroes and mermaids that we could break new ground.

8. Signe is arty so she assured me that she does love all art, ice cream and popcorn, but it’d be cool to have a painting of The Loch Ness Monster sometime, too.


6. Brett told me many times that he still loves my paintings … but he’d also really like a villain painting, and that I shouldn’t worry about making up some new guy who doesn’t exist; I could just paint The Blue Beetle.


4. Kirsten studied this for a long time and decided that we could definitely improve it if we made the letters red instead of blue. But she also thought it could be much better if it was a painting of Bucky the Pirate Ship and we forgot about this one altogether.


I don’t know how anyone can decide what their favorite thing in the whole wide world is, but hanging out with these three kids and talking art is at the very top of my list.

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